After escaping from the
lab where he's been held prisoner, Marcus Cage is desperate for freedom and blood. A wealthy group headed by a mysterious patron has been attempting to use Marc's unusual vampire chemistry to
discover an immortality drug. As Marc runs through the Arizona desert night, he knows he won't last much longer without sustenance.

Former pilot and empath Josephine Elliot is camping out alone in an
attempt to silence the emotional
battery she sustains from those she comes in contact with. But as she faces the unknown entity closing in on her in the dark, she decides to fight. Marc has no intention of hurting Jo, but his desperate situation is going to defy rational explanation; kidnapping Jo is the simplest solution. With the renegade scientists hot on their trail, Marc has his
work cut out for him.

Edge-of-your-seat thrills combine with hot romance and great vampire lore! I Thirst For You is the amazing
second book in Sizemore's outstand-ingly sexy new vampire series. (Jun.,
352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith