When Aiden's brother gets into another scrape, she calls in a favor from Warwick, the Enforcer of Sector 9.

This time her brother's life is on the line and Aiden must pay his debts by sleeping with the debtor. She is offered another choice: retrieve a unique ball containing a valuable liquid.

But Aiden cannot do this alone, so she approaches War. He'll help, but they must pose as lovers in order to be convincing in the subterfuge. The catch? War is riddled with hideous scars that he keeps hidden; Aiden must see him—and his scars—in order to feel comfortable around him.

In Ice is a sweet and affecting story. Aiden's amazing level of sensitivity toward War and his scars is poignantly handled, as is his passionate and emotional response to her and her needs. Engrossing, enthralling and entrancing, In Ice is certainly not one to be missed. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor