Image of Ice


Image of Ice

Who knew things could get so
hot in the frozen tundra of Alaska! Rowe writes a nonstop action-
adventure complete with characters you'll grow to love. While the plot
is well constructed, the character
motivations are unclear in the
beginning chapters, and it's only
as you get to know them that you understand the decisions they make.
It takes a little faith in the writer, and that trust is not misplaced, since the story is action-packed and satisfying.

Kaylie Fletcher spent her childhood resenting her family's love of danger, climbing and the cold mountains of Alaska. Now her family is dead in a climbing accident -- or are they? When a mysterious caller tells Kaylie her mother is alive, she heads to the state she despises.

However, the moment she sets foot on Alaskan soil, her life is in danger -- if not from the killer who seems to be obsessed with Kaylie's mother, and now Kaylie, then from the fearless flying of Cort McClaine. Despite Kaylie's strong attraction to Cort, she knows loving him will only end in heartache. She can't be with someone who lives on the edge of danger, like her parents. But when life and death are on the line, sometimes love is worth the risk.

Cort spots Kaylie and knows that she's exactly his type of woman -- which means she will only leave him heartbroken. However, when Kaylie's best friend is murdered and cryptic messages are left for Kaylie, Cort's compelled to protect her, regardless of the cost. And heck, if a couple nights of hot sex are in order, then who is he to say no? (LOVE SPELL, Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton