When a man with distinctive scars is found dead, Miami News reporter Britt Montero gets on the case to find out if the same man was involved in an unsolved rape and murder case 14 years ago. Delving into the past, Montero spends time with the victim, the "Ice Maiden," who makes her living as an ice sculptor. While uncovering the mystery, Montero puts herself, as well as the Ice Maiden, in terrible danger as she interviews suspects.

An exhilarating read, the story intricately weaves a number of mysterious characters together as they try to set the facts straight about their past. Because some characters in Britt's personal life are underdeveloped, parts of the ending seems irrelevant to the story in its entirety. However, the subplot does not distract from the plot itself, and overall, provides an entertaining escape. (Nov., 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Claire Kennedy