Ms. Glad has written a series truly reflective of the American west. Even though
her pace is a bit slow, the stories and characters are interesting.

The West is changing. More white men are coming into the area. For people like Flower and William, the more new people they encounter, the more the danger.

Flower, from The Queen of Cherry Vale, is half Indian and half white. She has always felt as if she didn't belong in either world. What little comfort and safety she did feel was shattered when she was brutally attacked and raped by renegade whites. She fled Cherry Vale and her fears.

William, an escaped slaved who walked west from Mississippi with no shoes or weapons, had been a friend of Flower's father and is staying at Cherry Vale. When Flower runs away, he sets out to find her.

(Feb., 290 pp., $4.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent