Image of Ice Storm


Image of Ice Storm

There's nothing like a good international spy caper, and this one's especially effective thanks to its characters. Isobel and Serafin aren't quite what they seem to be, and their shared past adds an interesting layer to the story.

Head of the covert organization known as The Committee, Madame Isobel Lambert is a powerful and mysterious woman. She rarely takes field assignments any more, but when the case of Josef Serafin crosses her desk, she has little choice. A terrorist and mercenary, Serafin is the man Isobel thought she killed in Europe nearly two decades ago, when she knew him as fellow tourist Thomas Killian.

Valued for the intelligence he can provide, Serafin must be transported from Morocco to London -- preferably in one piece. It's not an easy task, and a run of bad luck leads to the conclusion that there's a traitor within The Committee. Whoever it is wants Serafin and Isobel dead. (MIRA, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer