Castoro takes a promising premise
and runs with it, fashioning a fast-paced, fresh and funny story with a generous helping of heart thrown in. The first-person viewpoint adds to its immediacy.

When her husband Ted ditched her for a younger woman, Liz Talbot focused on making her bakery a success. Unfortunately, the widespread low-carbs obsession is wreaking havoc on her bottom line. But her problems are just beginning. When Ted is accidentally killed, Liz inherits his partnership in the ad agency they once ran together.

Suddenly, she's coping with two floundering businesses, the second Mrs. Talbot and a clutch of disgruntled clients ... along with the complicated love lives of her twin daughters and her mother. Then the first man Liz connects with in a year -- a hot stranger at a wedding -- turns out to be Marcus James, a food consultant who could put her bakery on the map. If he doesn't suspect Liz slept with him to make that happen, that is! (MIRA, Jan., 384 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer