Image of The Icing on the Cake (True Vows)


Image of The Icing on the Cake (True Vows)

This is a nice, fairly easygoing romance that is entertaining, but not unforgettable. The struggles the main characters go through to make their relationship work are easily understood. Part of the True Vows line, the plot is based on a real-life romance.

Though her friends talked her into joining for one month, Michelle Snow holds little hope of finding a match. She’s almost given up when she comes across the profile submitted by DieselCat. DieselCat, aka Todd Bracken, no longer gets excited by a message from, but something about Snowstar’s simple, to-the-point response speaks to him. So starts a tentative time of getting to know one another. As they discover how much they have in common, Michelle shares her dream of opening a cupcakery and discovers in Todd someone who supports her dream. Will Michelle be able to share the blood, sweat and tears of making her dream a reality, or will her independent nature lose her the chance to have her dream and her dream guy, too? (HEALTH, Nov., 251 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley