You’re not going to be able to put Icons down. From the very start Stohl sucks readers into Dol’s world. The dystopian society is interesting and new, the fantastical elements balanced with plausible scientific reasoning. The strong, smart and fiercely loyal Dol steals the book. Add in an exciting plot filled with action, excitement and emotion, and you’ve got a hit!

One day six cities went silent. Cars shut down, music stopped playing, hearts stopped beating — the day “the Lords” took over the Earth, using six cities as an example of their power. Everyone in those cities died — but not Dol. Sixteen years later, she is hidden in the countryside with her best friend Ro, the other child who survived, until they’re finally captured by the Embassy, the human government serving the Lords. There, Dol and Ro find other exceptions who lived. Dol is inexplicably drawn to Lucas, one of the four survivors, who happens to be the ambassador’s son. But in a world ruled by aliens, who can she really trust? (LITTLE, BROWN, May, 433 pp., $18.00, ISBN: 9780316205184, HC, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles