Image of The Idea of Him: A Novel


Image of The Idea of Him: A Novel

In her latest novel, Peterson deftly constructs a story that is part intrigue and part personal introspection set against the backdrop of the high-powered world of media. Allie is wonderfully complex: tough, smart, anxiety-ridden and vulnerable. Peterson’s intricate plot and steady pacing will absorb readers, leaving them wondering how Allie’s story will end.

Public relations executive Allie Crawford confronts beautiful Jackie Malone after finding Jackie and Allie’s husband, Wade, locked in a laundry room together. Jackie asks Allie to trust her, assuring Allie that the situation is not what it appears. Jackie, a business student at Wharton, seems to have some intimate knowledge of Allie’s life, and Allie finds it difficult to trust her, even as an unlikely friendship develops between them. Allie embarks on a mission that will leave her questioning all of the choices she has made, including the biggest one: marrying Wade. Does Allie love Wade for who he really is — or just the idea of him? (WILLIAM MORROW, Apr., 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates