As a rising star in Parliament, Michael AnstrutherWetherby (Devil Cynster's brother-in-law) needs a wife who can move through political and diplomatic circles with ease. He thinks he has found her in Elizabeth Mollison. Elizabeth calls on her aunt Caro to convince Michael that she would be the worst possible bride. Their plan succeeds too well: Michael becomes fascinated with Caro. Widow of a prominent diplomat, Caro possesses every skill he could desire in a wife. But Caro won't marry just for political reasons; Michael must lure her into saying yes with heated kisses and tender caresses. While Michael is wooing Caro, dark forces from her husband's past stalk the lovers.

Laurens has written another sensual, suspenseful romance designed to enthrall. She knows what readers want: an alpha hero, a dynamic heroine and a powerful conflict between them that is enhanced by a tinge of mystery and adventure. Add the perfectly researched backdrop and you have a memorable addition to your Laurens' keepers. SENSUAL (Mar., 376 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin