Image of The Ideal Man


Image of The Ideal Man

The threats are coming from all sides as Garwood serves up another of her signature tales of romance, danger and humor. For gifted doctor Ellie, a family wedding may be more hazardous than witnessing the shooting of an FBI agent. Count on Garwood to provide her readers with reasons to smile even as they hang on to the edge of their seats.

Dr. Ellie Sullivan witnesses the escape of two criminals and the shooting of an FBI agent. Ellie performs life-saving surgery on the agent and in the process meets another FBI agent, Max Daniels. Sparks immediately fly, but for her sake, Max doesn’t want Ellie to be considered a witness. Ellie is about to head home for her sister Ava’s wedding, an event full of emotional landmines as Ava essentially stole Ellie’s old boyfriend. The bigger concern, however, is the whereabouts of Ellie’s dangerous stalker, Evan Patterson. The more Max learns about Patterson, the more concerned he is for Ellie’s safety, so he becomes her date to the wedding. With criminals and psychotic stalkers on the loose, this could be some wedding! (DUTTON, Aug., 352 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith