Image of Idols (Icons)


Image of Idols (Icons)

Fans of Icons will be completely pleased by this thrilling sequel. Dol is back and even better than before, trying to save the human race from (literally) heart-stopping destruction while battling conflicting emotions for the two boys at her side. The action, romance and suspense all lead to an electrifying ending that will leave readers starving for more.

On The Day six cities went silent, cars shut down, music stopped playing and lights went off. People’s hearts stopped beating. Only the four Icon children, Dol, Ro, Lucas and Tima, have hearts immune to the Icons’ power. They managed to save Los Angeles, but the Lords still rule the rest of the human race. As they take shelter at a resistance stronghold, Dol suddenly has visions of a fifth icon child. Dol is a Weeper with unknown power who feels the pain of others, so no one can know the child’s true abilities. Will this child be the last puzzle piece they need to bring down the Icons forever, or will their search be the spark that burns down the world once and for all? (LITTLE, BROWN, Jul., 432 pp., $19.00, ISBN 9780316205177, HC, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles