A solid follow-up to Homicide in Hardcover, Carlisle's latest Bibliophile mystery follows book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright to the Edinburgh Book Fair, where an intriguing mystery awaits her. Brooklyn's uncommon occupation drives the well-constructed and smoothly executed mystery. Offbeat secondary characters contrast nicely with the more level-headed Brooklyn.

Brooklyn arrives in Edinburgh to attend the world-famous book fair and reconnect with friends and acquaintances. One turns out to be ex-boyfriend Kyle McVee, who surprises her by asking for her help. Kyle has an original copy of a scandalous text written by poet Robert Burns. It involves a member of the British royal family and could prove damaging if it is indeed real.

Brooklyn agrees to help authenticate certain aspects of the text, but when she finds Kyle's dead body on a ghost tour, she wonders whether he was killed for the text, or something more personal. (OBSIDIAN, Feb., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin