Image of If He's Dangerous (Wherlocke)


Image of If He's Dangerous (Wherlocke)

Scottish maven Howell returns to England and back into the lives of the Wherlocke family, a clan with strange gifts. Howell once again brings readers all levels of emotion, from laughter to tears, as her well-developed characters move this fast-paced story forward.

While sitting in her garden, Lorelei Sundan looks up to see a naked Sir Argus Wherlocke. He tells her that he is being held prisoner and that they are trying to steal his gifts. She realizes that she must help. She and two of her cousins free Sir Argus and hide him until he is better. While she is taking care of him an attraction begins to grow. Lorelei is the daughter of a duke and Argus wants to protect her reputation, but she refuses to stay away from him. When his family arrives they begin to plan how to catch Argus’ kidnapper. Meanwhile the kidnapper is becoming desperate and tries to lure Argus to him. When Lorelei is held hostage in exchange for Argus, he realizes what she truly means to him. But he still has some things to get together before he can present himself as a suitable husband for the daughter of a duke. Will she still want him then? (ZEBRA, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager