Patti Berg gives readers an intriguing taste of the not-so-distant past in this admirable new time travel. Her novel is chock full of passionate love, undying devotion and the perils of obsession.

In Adriana Howard's mind, no man can live up to the masculine perfection of 1930s screen legend Trevor Montgomery. Adriana has been obsessed with Trevor for years, collecting everything she can find that was originally his, including his house.

Sixty years ago, Trevor disappeared under highly mysterious circumstances. Screen actress Carole Sinclair had been found stabbed to death and Trevor was the last person to be seen with her. Did Trevor kill Carole and run? At the time of his disappearance, there was a wild story that a woman saw Trevor floating face down in the pool at the Sparta estate, only to see him suddenly vanish.

Sixty years later, a very confused Trevor suddenly surfaces in the same pool. He is suffering from a massive hangover and he is unable to remember much of anything, except waking up next to Carole's dead body. He doesn't know if he killed her.

As much as Adriana wants to believe that the "real" Trevor has returned, she is highly skeptical. Having loved an image for years, confronting the real man is unnerving. Despite his growing attraction to Adriana, Trevor feels that he must find a way to solve the puzzle of Carole Sinclair's murder: only then will he feel free to love fully.

(Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith