Markham's Christmas time-travel romance demonstrates her ability to tell a sweet, moving love story set against two backdrops. She effectively uses two writers' voices that resonate equally well in both eras. Though some readers might be disappointed that the characters are separated for a great deal of the book, few will be dissatisfied with the uplifting spirit of the story.

Soap opera and film star Claire McCallum is reeling from the news that she has breast cancer, but she has to be on location in Glenhaven, N.Y., to shoot a World War II movie. She's been researching real-life war hero Jed Landry, whose love interest she plays. Though she knows Jed dies at Normandy, she can't stop wishing there were a way to change history. Then she steps off the train and finds herself in 1941, looking right at Jed.

A young man with hopes of a bright future, Jed isn't ready to fall in love at first sight. But that's what happens the instant he sees Claire. The pull is mutual, but Claire must get back to 2006 to get treatment, and the next morning she makes the return trip home. Jed continues looking for Claire, and she constantly thinks of him, his friends and family. Claire must find a way to get back to Jed, but will that change anything, or will she have to face the future alone? (Signet Eclipse, Dec., 389 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin