IF THE RED SLIPPER FITS … (2) by Shirley Jump: After caring for her family during her mother’s long illness and death, Sarah Griffin yearns for the freedom to pursue her dreams. She thinks a pair of sexy, red designer shoes will move her from gossip columnist to feature writer at the local fashion magazine. Caleb Lewis is CEO of a floundering fashion house, and his nemesis, Sarah, has made an emotionally exhausting year even worse. Her unflattering view of his lifestyle is giving him a reputation he feels is undeserved. Fashion Week is looming, and Caleb needs a new line to save his mother’s company, stat. When her sister throws Sarah’s red shoe out the window, will Sarah’s hopes for a different future be gone as well? This has a slow start and uneven pacing. Also, the Cinderella plot has been overused, and this one comes across as more contrived than usual.
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor