Image of If We Survive


Image of If We Survive

From the very first page of his novel, Klavan paints the perfect picture of an incredibly alarming situation: a peaceful mission that turns deadly in an instant. Throughout all of the suspenseful twists and turns within the story, the reader shares the exact same fears and anxiety as the frantic characters involved.

Sixteen-year-old Will Peterson left for Costa Verdes with a few peers to build a much-needed school for the poor villagers, but on the day of their scheduled return trip to America, a violent war erupts in the area. Suddenly, the young group is being chased by rebel forces with orders to kill them. They must try to have faith in God’s plan and run for their lives in the hopes of eventually making it back home. (THOMAS NELSON, Nov., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kelsey Hanlon