Image of If Wishes Were Earls: Rhymes With Love


Image of If Wishes Were Earls: Rhymes With Love

Boyle refreshes the friends-to-lovers plot with a quick pace, delightful characters — the aunts are hilarious — and a wonderfully romantic storyline. Many readers will find her empowered heroine and marvelous hero perfect, and their passion simmers to just the right degree. Boyle gives us another delicious Rhymes With Love read.

Harriet Hathaway has been in love with the Earl of Roxley forever and dreams of marrying him — until he ignores her when they are invited to a house party. Desperation leads to actions that could destroy Harriet’s reputation, but catch Roxley’s attention. Their heated night leads Harriet to believe he’ll propose, but he plans to announce his engagement to another. Harriet isn’t ready to take no for an answer and makes sure she has every opportunity to get him alone and change his mind. Roxley has his reasons for pushing Harriet away: his secrets could trap her in a blackmailer’s scheme. Keeping the curious Harriet out of his life isn’t easy, especially when she’s determined to win the man of her dreams. (AVON, Jan., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin