Image of If You Deceive (The MacCarrick Brothers, Book 3)


Image of If You Deceive (The MacCarrick Brothers, Book 3)

With power and passion Cole completes her MacCarrick brothers trilogy with a bang. Her storytelling talents burn bright as she brings a wounded hero bent on revenge and a clever thief together in a game of deception that can only end in love. You'll be held fast in Cole's grip and utterly satisfied with every aspect of her story.

Once Ethan MacCarrick was a handsome rogue. Then he rebuffed a beautiful woman and was ruthlessly beaten and scarred. Now, along with his brothers, he works for the Crown, hiding his disfigured features behind a mask of indifference, until he spies a stunning girl at a wild party.

When Madeline von Rowan's father died, she lost everything. She learned to survive by picking pockets and plans to marry well. While visiting her friend Jane Weyland (from If You Dare), she falls in love at first sight with a masked man.

Hard-hearted Ethan is overwhelmed by his immediate attraction for Madeline, and his desire far outweighs his need for vengeance against her mother. Their passion is explosive, but so is the anger and hurt that explodes when they realize that the past will not let them go until they learn to forgive. (Pocket, Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin