Image of If You Give A Girl A Viscount (Impossible Bachelors, Book 4)


Image of If You Give A Girl A Viscount (Impossible Bachelors, Book 4)

The last Impossible Bachelor story is a Cinderella tale with the delightful, imaginative Kramer twist. It so easy to be caught by the lighthearted humor and emotional depth. With Kramer’s knack for creating memorable characters this is a book that steals your heart.

Daisy Montgomery is saddled with a cruel stepmother and two selfish stepsisters as she dreams of her own Prince Charming. When she finds an old letter from her godmother, Daisy writes to her hoping fairy tales do come true. Charles Thorpe, Viscount Lumley, is an Impossible Bachelor with no funds. What harm can it do to go to Scotland and meet his grandmother’s newfound goddaughter? He arrives in a miserable mood to find Daisy isn’t like any girl he’s met and that she needs his help to save her home. He must claim she is his bride-to-be. They convince the owner of the large estate nearby to lend them his magnificent home where they will hold a festival providing the true Highland experience to outlanders. Just when it appears their well-laid plans have gone awry, there are more surprises, secrets revealed, villains to be thwarted and a grand love to be found. (ST. MARTIN’S, Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin