Image of If You Know Her (Ash Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of If You Know Her (Ash Trilogy, Book 3)

Walker’s excellent conclusion to her Ash trilogy is a taut suspense novel that will keep readers hooked from the first page. The author handles the whodunit revelation especially well. The tension doesn’t let up even after the killer is revealed and the characters’ responses to that reveal are very believable. Readers should note that it is necessary to read the series in order, but you’ll certainly enjoy the experience.

Nia Hollister knows that she should put her cousin’s death behind her; the killer has been caught and it’s time to go on with life. But she still feels in her gut that something doesn’t add up. Nia returns to Ash, Ky., the scene of the crime, to find out who really killed her cousin. If nothing else, maybe she’ll find closure. Of course, coming back to Ash also means running into Law Reilly — another thing Nia can’t get off her mind. And Law hasn’t been able to forget Nia either. While he is able to buy her theory about the killer, he also worries that she will become a target. Nia is hardly unnoticed as she searches through the police records and anything else she can research at the library, but she doesn’t realize that someone else is watching her, checking her work. A shadowy figure lurks outside her window and then her room is trashed. Law wants to hold Nia close, and not just for safety. The feelings they’re developing for each other have to take a backseat to the feeling of dread hovering over them, for it is increasingly clear that the killer is a local, very local, and very much alive. (BALLANTINE, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan