When William Woodville, Viscount Linwood, spies a white maiden in a Crow village about to be traded to Sioux warriors, he buys her, forever changing his life.

An artist with the soul of a poet, Will flees to America to escape his painful past and a tyrannical father, finding peace painting images of tribal Indian life.

When his father demands he return to wed, Will sees the woman as a perfect way to retaliate. Marjorie has lived with the Indians for over 20 years, and it is the only life she remembers. She knows nothing of her heritage, but her name.

She is grateful when Will buys her and overjoyed when he makes her his wife, trying to please him even though he is sullen.

When they travel to England she is willing to do whatever it takes to win his love until she realizes he married her for revenge, shattering her romantic illusions. Will abandons her, returning to his lonely life in America.

Will's mother transforms Marjorie into the toast of the town while he roams the American wilderness brooding for her. When he comes home he finds many surprises and a wife who is independent and not as forgiving as she once was. What must he do to repair the damage he has done? How can he win Marjorie's heart?

Ms. Coffman has returned to the Mackinnon clan where she answers the much-asked question, whatever became of Marjorie Mackinnon. With her usual finesse, Ms. Coffman spins a soul-stirring tale with multi-dimensional characters who will capture your heart. Eloquent and memorable and brimming with emotional complexity, IF YOU LOVE ME will be beloved by all. SENSUAL (Feb., 329 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox