Coreen Treadwell has never regretted putting her baby up for adoption after giving birth at 17. Yet even time isn't enough to erase the pain of having been brutally violated as a teen, a secret she's never revealed to anyone, not even her husband.

When Frieda Davis' adoptive father passes away, she can't say that she's sorry—she suffered molestation at his hands. In fact, it's this life-altering event that leads her to search for her birth mother. Frieda wants to look into the eyes of the woman who carelessly discarded her and let her know the true consequences of her actions.

If You Walked in My Shoes is an emotionally moving tale that grabs readers' attention from the start. Forster evokes empathy with the situations that mother and daughter experience.

Vivid details add realism and depth and create smooth transitions throughout. This ranks as one of Forster's most thought-provoking reads. (Dec., 294 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton