Praying that her vindictive husband has been killed in the war, Mercy Atkins is determined to run the Tin Roof Hotel. Surrounded by hostile in-laws in a town that has seen better days, the only men she can depend on are her young son and her addled father.

Mercys first paying customer is the gunslinger the bank has hired to protect its money. A widower himself, Noah Erikson, is as hard and intractable as the land he roams.

Because of his tortured past, Noah tries to resist the warm world Mercy creates in the hotel. In spite of his efforts, he is drawn out of himself to save first her father, and then himself when he admits his passion for Mercy.

The discovery of silver leads to a resurgence in the town, and those who once nearly destroyed Noah return, intent on taking Mercys son.

Steeled by pain and joined by their hearts, Noah and Mercy fight for the right to love freely.

As soon as I see the name Colleen Faulkner, I know Ive got a great read! IF YOU WERE MINE features a woman tempered by a difficult past facing an uncertain future. Ms Faulkners vivid scenery is the perfect backdrop to this powerful love story that has breath-taking pace and villains who will make your skin crawl. IF YOU WERE MINE crackles and sizzles with sensuality. SENSUAL (Apr., 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black