Image of If You Were Mine


Image of If You Were Mine

Hawley's romance draws readers in
and make them thirst for more. Her
character development is excellent and includes a menagerie of folks that are vibrant and full of energy. This author's fresh approach should attract readers
of all genres.

Jailyn "Jai" Wyatt is an advertising expert who seems to have lost her creativity after the death of her father. But a new client sets her tingling with the inflection of his voice.

Caleb Quinn inherited a run-down farmhouse. To reinvigorate business, and as a favor to his father, he enlists Jai's media company to assist him in his new campaign. At their first meeting, fireworks -- as well as punches -- fly, but as Caleb and Jai become more acquainted, they ignite a fire and love within one another that's put to the test when she's accused of stealing money. Will their love survive? (Dafina, Feb., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields