Readers will be prepared for the final story in the Four O'Fallons and a Baby series once they have read the previous two. The inclusion of two former secondary characters as key players in the finale causes the story to lag in the first half. The placement of a love scene
in the middle of an unrelated, high-intensity scene is distracting and undesirable. But as always with Castell, the characters are enjoyable and diverse, with relationships that evolve naturally, and once the story finds its pace in the second half, readers will be driven to complete it.

Cynthia Landon and her son come home to O'Fallon's Landing after her marriage and business end. She quickly finds herself immersed in her hometown as if she'd never left -- and in local bad boy Quaid O'Fallon.

Quaid is back home to help his father find his daughter's mother and put the men chasing her behind bars once and for all. He was ready to face the toughest of complications -- until he met Cynthia. (BRAVA, Nov., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen