Image of I'll Be Seeing You


Image of I'll Be Seeing You

The poignancy and delicacy of war from the perspective of the women left behind on the homefront is the backdrop of this novel. Set in Rockport, Mass., and Iowa City, Iowa, during World War II, the story of two women left alone while their loved ones fight a war a world away from home, and the bond they create through letters to one another, is not only beautiful, but incredibly moving. Their stories manage to not only tug severely at the heartstrings, but also transport readers back to a time when everything was more uncertain than anyone could ever have known. I’ll Be Seeing You is an all-around beautiful tale of the power of love and friendship in uncertain times.

It’s January of 1943 when Rita Vincenzo receives a letter from Glory Whitehall — a woman from across the country who is as different from Rita, an Iowa professor’s wife and mother, as can be. Glory is an impulsive young mother from New England society, and she only has one thing in common with Rita: the men that they each love are off fighting a war far from home. The two women strike up not only a remarkable correspondence, but a beautiful friendship as well — giving them the strength to deal with the curve balls the war throws their way and to support one another through the battles they face at home. (MIRA, Jun., 336 pp., $15.95)
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Lauren DuBois