Someone is stalking Taylor Halstead. She knows who he is, and what terrifies her most is that she knows her stalker is dead. He's reaching out from his grave to terrorize her.

Taylor's nightmare begins when her cousin Steph's boyfriend, Gordon Mallory, assaults her. Before leaving her handcuffed to her bed, he promises that he'll be watching her—and that he'll be back.

Taylor's emotions range from profound grief to extreme relief when the police inform her that Steph, Mallory and the other guests on his yacht were killed when the boat exploded. But her relief is short-lived. A few months later, she receives a sinister e-mail that proves to her that Mallory is still out there, watching. For Taylor, a psychologist who works at a school and hosts a popular radio show for teens, terror becomes an unrelenting companion.

This fast-paced thriller—Kane's first hardcover—captures the reader on page one and never lets go. The characters and plot are believable, and the tension is palpable on every page. Like Taylor, the reader knows that no one can be trusted. This chilling page-turner is a winner, with an atmosphere of terror that escalates to a stunning conclusion. (Jan., 352 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters