For the last 10 years, Kim Lyons has lived far away from her hometown of Cypress, Florida. Kim left after testifying against her wealthy stepfather, Winn Macgregor, in an important murder trial, where the defense counsel trashed her testimony. Most of Cypress has ties or feels allegiance to the family, so upon her return, Kim is persona non grata. But now the sudden and slightly suspicious death of her grandmother has made Kim the owner of the Southern Comfort Bar.

The townspeople hardly flock to the bar when Kim attempts to reopen it, but she does get some unexpected help from her former stepbrother, Zell. Considering their history, the last thing Zell wants is to find himself attracted to Kim, but fate has other plans. Zell is also very concerned about the warning uttered by his 9-year-old psychic niece, Tullie. While she can't see the events clearly, Tullie sees danger, death and murder on the horizon.

Wainscott dives deep into the regional flavor and atmosphere of the Florida Everglades in this gritty new thriller. Creepy, complex and terrifying! (Dec., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith