Image of I'll Find You


Image of I'll Find You

Bush brings readers a page-turner chock full of suspense and intrigue. With a sinister, manipulative villain at the center of a clever plot, Bush weaves a solid mystery. Complex, damaged characters, expert storytelling and smart pacing move this story along well. Once again, Bush does not disappoint.

In Martinique, former Los Angeles homicide cop West McLaughlin mistakes Callie Cantrell for a woman named Teresa. Callie doesn’t know Teresa, though she has befriended her 5-year-old son, Tucker, a local boy. Despite this fact, West still believes Callie and Teresa are connected. West and Callie don’t trust each other, but they need each other to discover the truth. As they get closer to the mystery surrounding Teresa, an attraction sparks between them. As the investigation turns personal and dangerous, their hearts draw closer. (ZEBRA, Jul., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates