I'LL LOVE YOU TILL I DIE is an extraordinary new novel of mesmerizing suspense by author Meg O'Brien. Filled with dark twisted secrets and deadly terror, this powerful and wrenching journey into the human psyche grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the final sentence. Written in first person, this is an unforgettable reading experience!

To all appearances Joanna Carr has the perfect marriage and the perfect life, until the day her husband is murdered and she is found lying unconscious on the floor nearby. The trauma that Joanna suffers is so great that she remains in a catatonic state for six months unable to respond or communicate.

When consciousness does return, Joanna has large gaps where her memories should be. What really happened the night of David's death, and why can't she remember?

Joanna returns to their beautiful house on the Cornish coast and tries to put her life back together. Despite the good intentions of her friends Charlotte and Henry, Joanna feels slightly uncomfortable with them. The veil of memory that separates them leaves Joanna feeling uneasy, for as snippets of memory begin to return, the dark and twisted images are in sharp contrast to her supposedly perfect life.

Joanna's childhood friend and protector, artist Michael Camp returns, and for once Joanna feels loved and cherished. But does Michael want her for who she is, or for the money she inherited?

The nagging question of who killed David and why remains unsolved. Whoever it was apparently took the time to cover the unconscious Joanna with a blanket, or was the killer Joanna herself?

(Sept., 276pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith