Image of I'll Take What She Has: A Novel


Image of I'll Take What She Has: A Novel

Wilde’s latest novel touches on women, friendships and the wishes women have for themselves. With her easy, amusing narrative style, Wilde speaks the language of women and communicates what lies in their hearts. Add to that a strong, genuine plot with expressive, intelligent yet flawed characters at the center, and you have a gem of a read.

Dowdy English teacher Nora Galusha and her husband want a baby badly but despite their efforts, it’s not happening. Her best friend, Annie, mother of two, has the life Nora wants. So does Cynthia Cypress, the stylishly beautiful new history teacher who is now pregnant. When Cynthia befriends Nora, Nora is surprised and Annie is suspicious. Being around Cynthia causes Nora to discover new things about herself and her life. (BANTAM, Feb., 416 pp, $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates