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by Rachel Caine

Genre: Fantasy, General Fantasy

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ILL WIND (4.5) by Rachel Caine begins the Weather Wardens series, an urban fantasy romp that will delight fans of Laurell Hamilton and Jim Butcher. As a warden, Joanne Baldwin has supernatural powers that allow her to calm the most violent of storms.

But when she is suspected by the Warden's Council (think the United Nations, but scarier) of murdering one of its most powerful members, Joanne comes up against forces even she can't control.

In a cross-country race for her life she faces deadly storms, mystically powerful djinn, the constant threat of discovery and betrayal and, perhaps most frustrating, never-ending car trouble.

Heroine Joanne is a feisty and personable heroine, and Caine's clever writing keeps the reader guessing nearly until the last page. A roller-coaster romance heats up the middle third of the book, and meteorological details add veracity to the main plot. A fast, fun and thoroughly satisfying novel. Readers will definitely look forward to the next installment of Joanne's adventures. (Dec. '03, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed By: Jen Talley Exum

Publisher: Roc

Published: December 2003

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Ill Wind - Rachel Caine

Submitted by Robin in PA on June 11, 2010 - 10:45pm.

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden, on the run and accused of murder. She has been inflicted with a demon mark and is racing against time to find a way to get rid of it. Her only hope is her friend Lewis, a very powerful Warden. But Lewis is also being hunted after stealing three bottles of Djinn before going underground. Now Joanne must find him in order to rid herself of the mark.

This is the first book in Caine's Weather Warden series and I thought it was entertaining. Joanne is an great lead character who is in over her head. The Djinn's in the book are a interesting addition. This book has lots of action, very much reminding me of the Dresden Files. And, I was very surprised with the twist at the end of the book. My rating: 4.5 Stars.