Image of Illegally Iced: A Donut Shop Mystery (Donut Shop Mysteries)


Image of Illegally Iced: A Donut Shop Mystery (Donut Shop Mysteries)

Beck has another winner with the eighth installment of the Donut Shop Mysteries. With some unexpected twists and turns thrown in, Suzanne Hart is once again trying to clear the shadow of guilt that hangs over her head. With the usual cast of characters, including the mayor, Suzanne and partner-in-crime Grace are on the case. This book is an enjoyable addition to a fantastic series. Can’t wait for the next installment!

Suzanne is getting ready to close her donut shop, Donut Hearts, for the day when she hears a scream. The town blacksmith, James Settle, has been stabbed. After calling the police, Suzanne is surprised as her friend, and fellow shop owner, Gabby Williams, accuses her. Gabby claims that she witnessed Suzanne and James having a heated argument just before the accident. With her reputation on the line, Suzanne and her sidekick Grace start trying to clear her name. She learns that James was the heir to a multimillion-dollar inheritance. This doesn’t fit with the man whom she considered a friend. She also learns that his former girlfriend was having a hard time accepting that their relationship was over. Was the blacksmith murdered for his money, or was it for love? (MINOTAUR, Jan, 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson