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by Olivia Gates

Genre: Series, Silhouette Desire, Current Series Imprints

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THE ILLEGITIMATE KING (4.5) by Olivia Gates: Years ago, crown princess Clarissa D'Agostino rejected Ferruccio Selvaggio because she thought he only wanted her crown. He thought it was because he was a royal bastard. Six years later, when Clarissa asks him to take the crown from her father, they are still under the same misconceptions. As they begin to find their way to each other, complications and miscommunications arise that threaten to destroy the fragile balance they have achieved. Hang onto your seat! This excellent roller coaster of a ride -- the conclusion of the Castaldini Crown series -- shows why every relationship needs good communication.

Reviewed By: Pat Cooper


Published: July 2009

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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You'll never see the twist coming

Submitted by Jennie on November 27, 2012 - 1:34am.

Weeeeeeell, I didn't see this one coming! What a ride!!
I'm reading away, enjoying the story but not necessarily thinking it spectacular, when out of the blue comes the twist - and what a twist it was!!! Not only one, but two of them!
This final story in the Castaldini Crown series finishes off a great trilogy spectacularly.
Clarissa and Ferruccio's story is interesting, both because of their backgrounds and the situation they now find themselves in.
A great read !