Image of Illusion


Image of Illusion

Jean Ross Ewing explodes upon the historical romance scene with a splendid romantic adventure in which nothing is as it seems.

Nigel, Marquess of Rivaulx, is the most notorious man in in London. It is no surprise when he drops into a favorite gaming hall and challenges Lord Donnington to a duel with dice. The prize is a party at Donningtons country estate, where Rivaulx may choose any one item as his own.

Rivaulx wants Donningtons exotic mistress for himself. Forced into an Indian harem at a young age, Frances Woodard faces a difficult future now that she has returned to England. Her only choice for survival is to find a wealthy protector, and Rivaulx certainly fits the description.

But there is a darker side to Rivaulxs game. The fate of England rests on his shoulders as he attempts to outmaneuver the French one last time, in spite of the fact that a friend may be a traitor.

Ms. Ewings highly complex hero is absolutely mesmerizing. A man of powerful character, he stands at the center of an intricate, brilliantly developed plot, and the result is pure reading magic. SENSUAL (Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer