Image of The Illusion of Murder (Nellie Bly)


Image of The Illusion of Murder (Nellie Bly)

Feministas take note —Nellie Bly still rocks and McCleary knows how to twist the factual and the fanciful in equal measure to keep readers up late and women rooting. A journalist in an age that kept women in the background, silent and unacknowledged, Nellie ventured into the world to take it by storm. McCleary drops famous names, notes world politics and, more than that, gives readers real insight into what makes this adventurous woman tick. A top-of-the line read from an innovative author.

Nellie Bly is attempting to beat the record set by Jules Verne’s famous character’s trip around the world. In the harbor city of Port Said, she witnesses a murder that soon makes her a target. As she travels through Egypt to the Orient, Nellie crosses paths with famous magicians, actress Sarah Bernhardt and real-life adventurer Frederick Selous. Mysticism, spiritualism and magic, espionage and murder combine as she makes her journey, filing dispatches as she goes. (FORGE, Apr., 368 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper