No one dumps fading singer/actress Rina Cole and gets away with it. In Rina's mind, rising star Lucas Wayne would be nothing without the acting break she gave him.

For Delaney Wescott, the 3 A.M. phone call means another client needs protection. Wescott and Associates are security experts, and Arthur Golden wants the best for his superstar client Lucas. It was pure luck that the bullet Rina aimed at Lucas missed, but with several days left on his current film, no one wants to take any more chances.

Delaney and her associate, ex-secret service agent Riley Owen, catch the first plane to New York. Their job is complicated by both their client and his stalker being high profile celebrities. Following completion of the film, Lucas plans to head home to Aspen for a month. Despite the benefits of handling a high-profile case, Delaney is troubled that she must spend time in Aspen, the hometown of her former lover, Jared McCallister.

Rina's arrival in Aspen puts everyone on edge. Tragedy strikes when Delaney kills the wrong woman during an alleged attempt on Lucas' life. When the woman turns out to be Jared's ex-wife, Delaney may find herself facing a murder charge. Time is of the essence if she and Riley are to uncover the truth.

Pioneering author Janet Dailey brings her loyal fans an elaborate tale of obsession, blackmail, vengeance and murder. (May, 345 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith