Victoria Spenser is hopeful that a new start in America with her aunt will help her leave the sadness of the past behind. After a family tragedy, she was sent to live in Jamaica, but she returns when her relatives there turn against her. Victoria is psychically able to feel the thoughts and emotions of arsonists and knows when fires are started. Coming to work as a housekeeper at a large Maryland estate, she is determined to escape the fear and hatred her gift creates in others.

But an arsonist in the area is killing people. And the owner of the estate, Robert Braxton, is the investigator working on the case. He's completely hostile to the idea of psychic powers, even if he finds Victoria beautiful and desirable. Layers of family secrets and danger threaten their relationship and lives.

This is an interesting story with many details and characters. Victoria is an attractive, strong woman who won't allow others to destroy her. Some of the many characters in this book are not as well-developed as others, and the plot could have been tightened to include fewer subplots. However, this novel keeps you reading to find out how all the secrets play out. (Mar., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor