Darren Whitman stands to inherit more than just his father's million-dollar business -- he'll also get a wife. It's a package deal -- no wife, no Whitman Enterprises. Although the deal is far-fetched and archaic, once Darren realizes that his planned wife is Alicia Taylor, the woman with the prettiest smile he's ever met, he takes the deal.

Alicia has big plans for her life, none of which include marriage or kids. But when she bumps into her childhood nemesis, she changes her life's course. It isn't until after she's fallen in love with Darren that she finds out about the arrangement. Should she believe Darren's so-called love for her -- or is this just another crafty business deal?

Bolton's debut is a sweet story. Although the plot is predictable, readers will still want to see how Alicia reacts when she finds out about the arranged marriage, and how Darren talks himself out of another chance of losing her for good. (Mar., 254 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart