Morris presents a fascinating story that is not your average time-travel/romantic mystery. Even though the heroine lacks curiosity, and the reader often picks up on the clues she misses, the mystery is well plotted and has an interesting twist on what could have happened. As far as the characters go, the love/hate relationship among the siblings is well portrayed.

Heading to her father's after a frantic call from him, Donna is waylaid by an accident that lands her in the hospital. Arriving at her father's house four days later, she finds him pinned under a freezer, saying strange things about her "real" mother.

After his death, she begins dreaming of traveling to the 1940s. There she meets a man who claims to be her "soul mate across time and space." With his help, she discovers amazing things about her parents, her siblings and why she never felt like a real part of her family. (, dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley