Image of Immanuel's Veins


Image of Immanuel's Veins

One of the opening lines in the book is, “this book is for everybody, but not everybody is for this book.” While the author is referring to the redeeming love of Christ, readers may want to argue with the first part of that statement. The writing is compelling, but it’s difficult to connect with the characters.

It’s 1772 and her majesty Catherine the Great has sent her trusted warriors Toma and Alex to the country estate of the Cantiemier family to protect them, since the family is essential to Russian-occupied Moldavia. Initially, the family appears regal and respected and Toma begins to fall for daughter Lucine. But when an epic fight between good and evil begins, blood, love and lust lead the way to a war that could end it all. (THOMAS NELSON, Sep., 384 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin