IMMINENT AFFAIR (3) by Sheri WhiteFeather: Native American artist Allie Whirlwind's loft has been trashed, and the message "This is for Daniel" painted on the wall. Daniel Deer Runner saved Allie, who comes from a line of evil witches, from a situation her great-grandmother caused. Because of his bravery, he has amnesia, but Allie knows he'll keep her safe. As they try to find out who is behind the attacks, Daniel remembers something Allie already knows: They are in love. This installment of the Warrior Society series picks up where Never Look Back, a 2006 Silhouette Bombshell, left off. While Allie and Daniel are engaging characters and the Native American mythology is fascinating, some pertinent details happened in another book, which can leave readers feeling lost at times.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers