Image of Immortal Danger (Brava Paranormal Romance)


Image of Immortal Danger (Brava Paranormal Romance)

It's hard to stand out in the vampire genre, but Eden makes the cut. Maya and Adam are great characters, and they're terrific together. The suspense is pulse-pounding, the sex hot and Maya's fighting tactics are wickedly clever. There's an abundance of paranormal creatures, but each type comes with its own characteristics, the better to keep things interesting.

Maya is now a vampire, but once a cop, always a cop. She can't stop trying to clean up the town. Of course, now that involves bringing down other vampires, demons and werewolves.

Adam tracks down Maya and convinces her to help him rescue his niece, who was taken to serve as a tasty wake-up treat for a master vampire about to re-emerge after years of slumbering and recuperating.

Turns out Adam and Maya make a great team, and passion flares when they go bump in the night.

(BRAVA, Apr., 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan