In 1216, a powerful warrior battled an evil Sorcerer for the lives of local villagers. During the skirmish, the Sorcerer's innocent daughter is killed. In his rage and grief, the Sorcerer condemns the warrior to immortality and loneliness; all those he cares for will die until a woman gladly sacrifices her life for him.

At 6' 6", Brodie Maxwell is a scarred and hardened modern-day warrior. When an old comrade's widow asks him to find the security leak at her company, he feels duty-bound to help. LadyTech Software Communications is a thriving, cutting edge corporation owned by three women. B.J. Kincaid is the brilliant mind behind much of the company's new innovations, but she may also be the leak. For several months now, B.J. has been suffering from black-outs. She knows that she worked on software programs only to find the information wiped clean from her computer. B.J. fears that she may be losing her mind.

B.J. attracts and impresses Brodie, and she's not repulsed by his formidable, scarred appearance. Shadowing her, Brodie witnesses one of her fugue states and realizes mind control is being used. When Brodie meets B.J.'s mentor and father figure, Damon Morrisey, he figures out what is going on, for Damon is Brodie's ancient foe, the evil Sorcerer.

These two immortals are now in a deadly struggle for control of B.J.'s mind and heart. Can Brodie finally break the centuries-old curse or is he doomed to love and lose once again?

IMMORTAL HEART is an impressive, distinctive debut novel. Fantasy romance has gained a powerful new voice in Julie Miller. (Feb., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith