Image of Immortal Muse


Image of Immortal Muse

Mythology, alchemy and fantasy all coalesce in Leigh’s Immortal Muse, creating the perfect combination for readers looking for their next stellar read. Leigh has masterfully created a fantastical adventure for his audience as they follow Camille/Perenelle and her journey as a creative and immortal muse. The alternating chapters of past and present will whet readers’ appetites for more adventure and intrigue, and will leave them wanting more. The author weaves mythic history with a bit of action, murder and, of course, spice — and has this reader wondering why I’m only discovering him now. This is definitely a Top Pick! perfect for those craving a bit of intrigue and history.

Camille became an immortal muse after mixing an alchemy potion to gain back her youth. Unfortunately, her evil husband — otherwise known as legendary alchemist Nicolas Flamel — drank it as well. Their relationship, filled with intense acrimony, endures for centuries as Camille tries to evade her husband. Compelled to feed and foster creativity in her lovers to gain nourishment, Camille connects closely with several famous historical figures (Vivaldi, William Blake and Gustav Klimt are just a few), spurring their genius. But no sooner than she develops a heart-bond with a strong creative mind, her husband senses it and, using his own twisted, dark muse gift, tracks her down. All across Europe, from 14th century Paris to 15th century Rome, through the French Revolution and World War II, Camille and Nicolas are tied to one another — until they finally settle matters for good in contemporary New York City. (DAW, Mar., 546 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jessie Potts