Image of Immortal Outlaw (Immortal Brotherhood)


Image of Immortal Outlaw (Immortal Brotherhood)

Hendrix created a fantastic concept when she brought the Immortal Brotherhood series to life. Part Ladyhawk, all enthralling, the second installment, based on the Robin Hood legend, has passion, adventure, history and characters you'll treasure. It's a winner!

Four centuries ago a band of Viking warriors were cursed to live half the day as men and half as beasts. Steinarr, sentenced to roam the forest by night as a lion, has taken over the woods surrounding Nottingham, and he finds Marian and her half-brother, Robin Fitzwalter. They're searching for a treasure that will ensure Robin's claim to the Fitzwalter lands.

Wary of humans and ever cognizant of his nature, Steinarr refuses to help them, until one kiss and a promise of passion from Marian changes his mind. Their hunt leads through the countryside as tales of a forest outlaw and his band of men become an inspiration to those who listen enraptured to the growing legend of Robin Hood and Marian. Meanwhile, danger awaits as the sorceress Cwen plots to destroy him. But Marian's growing love for Steinarr may be the key to freeing him from the curse. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin