Image of The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords)


Image of The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords)

For those unfamiliar with Fallon, this book is a great place to start. The story
is fast paced and draws you in from page one. Snappy dialogue and intelligent characters will keep you riveted. The story gathers momentum, the witty and believable characters catch you up in the flow and you're left breathlessly awaiting the next installment.

To live forever would seem to be the greatest gift. To never be able to die, the greatest curse. The Tide Lords ruled the world of Amyrantha for eons, but when the Tide ebbs, their powers fade, and they dwindle from memory.

The Tide has been out for over a millennium, and Arkady Dusean, a history student, knows the Tide Lords as only a vague myth, passed down in lore. But then she's sent to interrogate a compelling stranger in the king's prison--a man who was hanged for murder and lived. Arkady's becoming convinced that he might just be, as he claims, a Tide Lord. And if it's true, then Arkady's world is in danger, for the Tide is turning. (TOR, Mar., 512 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania